Chinese mobile apps UI trends

14 décembre 2014

Dan Grover écrit un article à propos des différences entre les apps "occidentales" et chinoises. L'article vaut la peine d'être lu au complet, mais la section sur les stratégies d'authentification est particulièrement intéressante, notamment cet extrait à propos des codes QR:

Many sites also allow users to log in by scanning a QR code in the site’s own app. In the QR code is an expiring session identifier that, once read by the mobile app, associates that browser session with the logged-in account.

This is ideal for situations when you don’t want the user entering their password with an actual keyboard. I’ve been told that in the past, many people used online services on public computers in places like internet cafes which can be plagued with keyloggers and spyware.